"I should have done this years ago."

"I can't imagine having consistent cashflow without ProClaim"

We Key, We Bill, We Follow-up, We Report. You Get Paid.

No Start Up Fee

Lower your billing costs
- No need to invest thousands for computers, software or Internet access. Reduce paperwork, staff time and postage.

Your costs depend on your volume - Why pay for staff or services during off-peak times?

Improve cash flow - ProClaim's expertise and conscientious follow-up, coupled with electronic claim submission, reduce claim rejections and resubmissions and shorten the insurance payment cycle.

Pre-treatment Insurance Verification - ProClaim is available to verify eligibility and benefits specific to your specialty.

Increase office productivity and patient satisfaction - Concentrate on patient care, not insurance claim forms and endless phone calls with insurance companies.

Conscientious Claims Follow-up - Eliminate overlooked outstanding accounts receivables.

Eliminate your vulnerability to staff turnover - Having ProClaim on your team frees you from ever having to interview or train a billing person again.

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