"I should have done this years ago."

"I can't imagine having consistent cashflow without ProClaim"

We Key, We Bill, We Follow-up, We Report. You Get Paid.

Can ProClaim process the new ICD10 diagnosis codes?  Yes, ProClaim is prepared to submit claims using the ICD-10 code set that takes affect on October 1, 2015.

Does ProClaim Medical Billing charge any set up fees?  No. ProClaim is so confident that you will be happy with the individual attention you receive, you will not be charged any start-up fees.

Do I have to submit a minimum number of claims?
  No. Whether you have a thriving practice or are just getting started, ProClaim can handle your billing needs. ProClaim is here to help practices of all sizes.

Do I need special software or forms for ProClaim to do my billing?
  No. Whether you have a computer system or a paper process, ProClaim can work from whatever format you currently have in place. You do not need to have a computer!

How does my office provide ProClaim with the billing information?
  You can provide billing information to ProClaim electronically via email or fax 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, express service or the US Mail.

Who receives the payments?
  Your office will continue to receive insurance and patient payments directly.  You remain in complete control.

Does your fee include claims follow-up?
  Yes. All claims are tracked from submission through adjudication.

Do many insurance companies accept claims electronically?  Yes, virtually all payors prefer electronic claims.  Electronic claims are typically approved and pay much faster than paper claims.

Does ProClaim provide reports after the claims are submitted?  Yes. ProClaim provides a comprehensive Ledger Report that details every transaction.

Does ProClaim provide medical billing services for my medical specialty?  ProClaim specializes in Chiropractic billing, Physical Therapy billing, Occupational Therapy billing and Speech Therapy billing.

How do we get started?  Call us today at 412-881-8801 or email us at info@proclaimbilling.com.